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From College to Current Career – a 33 Year Journey and Retrospective – From Microsoft Sales Director

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 | 5:00 p.m. PT

This session will focus on Don’s experiences from being a WSU Carson College of Business Graduate in 1987 and the jobs he has worked culminating in his 18 year career with Microsoft.  This session would be valuable for a recent graduate or any graduate that has an interest in looking at a career in B2B Account Management and what that looks like at a Fortune 500 Company.  Don will also discuss skills employers would be looking for with our new normal.  Things like self-starter, on the job learning, collaborator, team player, ability to adapt, good work ethic, high morals/ethics are all traits being needed both at an office or working from home.

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Photo: Don Lionetti.

Don Lionetti, Director of Sales, Microsoft Corporation

Don is a 1987 Graduate of Washington State University (WSU) with a Major in Business Administration and Minor in Marketing.  He has served on the WSU Carson College of Business National Board of Advisors for 10 years, chairing the Marketing Advisory Board and served as the Chair of the entire National Board of Advisors.

Don worked for the Xerox Corporation for 8 years and joined the Microsoft Corporation 18 years ago.  He is currently a Director or Sales, leading a team that provides solutions for Native American Tribal Government, Gaming and Alaska Native organizations encompassing the entire US market.

Don is passionate about technology and helping his Native American clients discover solutions to help tribal government and gaming organizations gain efficiencies and better serve their constituents.

Don and his wife of 30 years, Julie, reside in Bellevue, WA.  Julie is also a graduate of WSU and is a Corporate Pilot flying out of Boeing Field in Seattle.

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