WSU Food Science Certificate Program

Welcome to Washington State University’s Certificate Program in Food Science

Photo collage: Horizontal panel of photos of fresh foods - lettuce, apple, eggs, shrimp, lemons.

The Food Science Certificate Program consists of two series: The Certificate of Proficiency in Food Science and The Certificate of Food Safety. Each series consists of five non-credit courses. These courses are specifically designed for individuals in, associated with, or just interested in, the production, processing, and safety of food, who are not food scientists or food engineers.

  • Courses are delivered entirely on-line and last 9 weeks.
  • Course content can be accessed 24/7 via the internet and do not need to be taken in order.
  • All courses can be completed in a one-year period, if desired.
  • Participants receive a certificate for completing each course and for each series.

Course fees are $535 each.