Senior Living Management Certificate

This online, on-demand certificate program in Senior Living Management will benefit those who want to gain a better understanding of the senior living industry, assess how their existing knowledge, skills, and abilities transfer to the senior living business, and enhance their opportunity to advance to the next level within their current organization.

Tidal Leadership

The Tidal Leadership program is offered by Washington State University through its award-winning Global Campus. Consisting of a 16-week, online, non-credit course, the program culminates in a customized leadership certification. The program is on temporary hold.

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Veterinary Scribe

At the completion of this certificate, students will have the skills necessary to transcribe the veterinary medical visit, communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and support members of the veterinary health care team to enhance patient care, support the health care team, and increase client satisfaction by allowing the physicians to devote their full attention […]

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