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All noncredit programs are listed here in alphabetical order.

ACF Certificate—American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship Culinary Certificate

The ACFEF Apprenticeship Certification Program, provided by the School of Hospitality Business Management, is designed to benefit culinarians working full-time, professional chefs working towards certification, and WSU full-time culinary or food and beverage-focused students.

Location WSU Pullman

Excellence in Online Teaching

The Excellence in Online Teaching course offers participants both the practical expertise of WSU’s Instructional Designers and the research-proven best practices of online course design. It is self-paced with a series of online modules, designed for instructors with limited online teaching experience.

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Food Science Certificate Program

The School of Food Science offers two online certificate series: Proficiency in Food Science and Food Safety. Courses last 9 weeks, which are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the schedules of busy food science professionals. Take one, two, or all eight of the courses to enhance your food science knowledge.

Location WSU Pullman