Food Science Certificate Program

The School of Food Science offers two online certificate series: Proficiency in Food Science and Food Safety. Courses last 9 weeks, which are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the schedules of busy food science professionals. Take one, two, or all eight of the courses to enhance your food science knowledge. Courses include:

  • Food Safety Microbiology and Chemistry
  • Food Protection Plans: PCQI Certificate
  • Food Quality and Auditing
  • Food Processing and Unit Operations
  • Food Production and Formulation
  • Process Engineering
  • Validation of Food Safety Systems
  • Food Safety: Case Studies

More information on this program can be found at this link: Certificate of Proficiency in Food Science.

“Finally a certification course that goes well beyond the multi-day seminar. This 5 course, one year, certification program gives an in depth review of food science and food manufacturing industry in a timely and relevant manner. As a QA director for a national food sanitation firm, I felt this course was so beneficial that our firm is rolling it out to our plant sanitation managers and other corp. executives as well.”

—Michael Cadotte
Omni Manufacturing Services