Hybrid opportunities combine the best of face to face and online learning, creating a unique and customized approach for each course.

These innovative approaches allow both in person contact and learning on your own.

ACF Certificate—American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship Culinary Certificate

The ACFEF Apprenticeship Certification Program, provided by the School of Hospitality Business Management, is designed to benefit culinarians working full-time, professional chefs working towards certification, and WSU full-time culinary or food and beverage-focused students.

Master Gardener

WSU Master Gardeners are dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the mission of the WSU Master Gardener program to deliver science-based information to Washington State communities that helps to conserve and enhance our natural resources while improving the quality of life and wellbeing of Washington State residents.

Veterinary Scribe

At the completion of this certificate, students will have the skills necessary to transcribe the veterinary medical visit, communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and support members of the veterinary health care team to enhance patient care, support the health care team, and increase client satisfaction by allowing the physicians to devote their full attention […]

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